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“My vast experience with numerous prominent Law Firms in NY, NJ and TX gives my comments much validity and weight.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Kevin Brick and Mr. Scott Miller are two of the most savvy business attorneys we have had the pleasure of meeting. My business partner, John M. while he was at Goldman Sachs, has also encountered many high powered and intelligent lawyers. Yet, after working with Brick Business Law, he commented that Scott Miller was one of the sharpest and most logically coherent business lawyers he has ever met.

That’s why we are trusting them to guide us legally in building out our business to all 50 states and internationally. They can keep up with our pace and that’s priceless.”

– Bernie K and John M.

5 Stars

“Brick Business Law team is awesome to work with. They make the process extremely simple and valuable. I will definitely use them again.”

– Business Owner, client

5 Stars

“Kevin Brick possesses a high level of legal expertise which shines through in the work that he does on a case. He is very adept at working with International clients who require his expertise in USA state law. He provides prompt responses to his clients which is valuable regarding time sensitive issues. If he does not know the answer, he will find it. Kevin is very trustworthy as he says it like it is, deals in fact and not false promises. Kevin’s team consists of highly trained legal professionals that are friendly and also provide timely responses. I recommend Kevin Brick and Brick Business Law to anyone who needs solid legal representation, you will not be disappointed.”

– Business Owner, client

5 Stars

“Extremely helpful, professional, knowledgeable and diligent. Highly recommend this firm.”

– Business Executive, client

5 Stars

“You won’t find a better business trial attorney. Former prosecutor and best listener you may ever meet. No nonsense when you deal with Kevin and BBL. You can thank me later. Currently acting as full general counsel and handling several matters at once for us. Could not be in better hands.”

– Business Owner, client

5 Stars

I recently had the experience of requiring the legal services of Kevin Brick, Brick Business Law, Tampa Bay Florida. As a Canadian requiring legal services in the USA, I found Kevin to be very adept at bridging the cultural and legal divide of both countries with ease. He made me feel at ease in respect to USA law regulations as he clearly heard the intimidation and frustration I felt in attempting to deal with an international legal issue. This issue consisted of a Breech of Contract involving a large sum of money being withheld from me that originated in the State of Florida.

Kevin is extremely knowledgeable from a legal perspective on business and fraud issues given his wealth of experience. He displays solid knowledge and litigation expertise of the Florida State Laws.

Kevin is a very respectful, understanding and patient professional when working with a Foreign citizen. He is able to explain America Laws in a succinct manner that makes it easier for one to understand. His legal services were integral in assisting me to turn a 5 year nightmare into an organized plan of approach with successive steps to formulate a resolution.

As a Canadian, I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Brick Business Law Services, Tampa Bay Florida to any Canadian/Foreign or American citizen who requires expert and timely legal advice on business related matters. Kevin and his friendly staff have timely responses and very reasonable fee rates. Kevin’s direct method of communication of ‘telling like it is’ in a factual manner eliminates a lot of guess work.

– Karen, Canada

5 Stars

“Amazing attorney, beyond 5 stars. Truly incredible. You will not be disappointed in any way. Kevin is humble, calm, genuine, extremely knowledgeable and extremely experienced. Cannot say enough good things.”

– Jesse M., Client

5 Stars

“Amazing Service and Staff , Extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend him.”

– Marwan T., Client

5 Stars

“Kevin saved my husband’s business. They had a complicated case. They were aggressively sued by a company for a claim of stolen trade secrets, included in the claim of RICO violation under the RICO Act, and unfair competition. This company wanted to put my husband’s company completed out of business, and fast. The other company also filed for an immediate civil injunction- to force them to cease all business operations. This would have been a death blow, an end to their business. Prior to finding Kevin, they were working with an inexperienced attorney, one who took the case initially and had been absorbing the blows, not knowing how to respond or defend, only acting in a procedural manner telling them “we will just have to wait and see.” This is not something you want to hear. They soon hired Kevin, fortunately just in time. Kevin was immediately prepared, he listened to the defendants, read through the complaint, provided clear genuine responses to questions. And then had an immediate plan. He saw that they had been taking a lot of blows, been pushed around, and it was the defendants time to stand up for itself and start being the aggressor. He immediately filed to strike down some of the complaint, he then requested a extremely extensive list of discovery from the plaintiff, began interviewing witnesses for the defendants, received affidavits, and represented defendants at their depositions- successfully, forcing the plaintiff attorney to leave less then half way through the day- frustrated. The judge agreed with the motion to strike down some of the complaint. The defendants now were the aggressor, the civil injunction was quickly being presented as a lessor threat, but still coming up in court. Kevin requested another round of discovery, 30 days after the first one. The plaintiff did not process any discovery of the first round, which he then filed a motion for sanctions against the plaintiff attorney and the plaintiffs. Included attorneys fees and fees in which the attorney may be personally liable. The plaintiffs had enough. They folded their cards and asked for a settlement. Defendants declined the offer. Plaintiff offered again a lower settlement amount, defendants declined again, after s third decline, the defendants agreed on a small settlement amount; spread over 4 months. The business was saved. Kevin single handed saved the business from- a civil injunction, and 4 claims of trade secrets violations including RICO claim. This was a very very serious case. If you need help on the most sensitive, life threatening (financially) business matters, Kevin is your only choice in the Tampa Bay Area. He is a former prosecutor and it will show in court. He is a trial attorney and very fast to compile a list of 50 – follow up questions while in court, to respond to opposing side or to prevail quickly in the middle of a heated deposition, to further win his case. Along with his extensive experience as an aggressive winning prosecutor, he is a very genuine person. While it may be hard to find anyone genuinely humble, honest, and a strong listener, they found one in Kevin. His answers reflect your question specifically, and not generalities often times heard from attorneys. He does not assume what the judge may say in advance but rather puts together a compelling response with facts, evidence, witnesses, and clear understanding of the laws. Kevin may very well be the best business attorney in all of Florida. I saw that with complete honest and objective fact. The first attorney before Kevin was in awe of the Plaintiffs attorney and would often tell the defendants, “They’ve got one of the best law firms in all of Florida…” or “They are the biggest, and strongest firm.” Kevin was not intimidated. He became the aggressor from day 1. And he won. I cannot say enough thanks to Kevin for saving my husband’s business and for the outcome of this case. The case has now been fully settled. If they did not hire Kevin, the chances of them losing the entire business was probably 90%.”

– Avid Support, Business

5 Stars

“I worked with Joseph D Kennett for approximately 5 years in a close capacity. Throughout our time, Joe displayed exemplary legal acumen, decision making, and advocacy strategy which brought very favorable results for his tasked cases. I wholeheartedly endorse this attorney to be recognized for his superior legal standing.”

– Business Law Attorney

5 Stars

“I would recommend Joseph Kennett to any client looking for sound legal advice.”

– Partner in Criminal Law

5 Stars

“He has been a professional colleague for a long time. I remember him when he first graduated from law school and he had a natural talent for the law.”

– Partner in Business Law

5 Stars

“Joe possesses the personality, intellect, ethics and trial experience necessary as a premier lawyer in his field. I would trust him for any legal challenge.”

– Shareholder in Business Law

5 Stars

“Many thanks to Kevin Brick, John Koda, and David Carpenter for their professional services. I would recommend them to anyone, anytime!”

– Ted H., Client

5 Stars

“We received amazing service and assistance when we needed it most! We highly recommend this office as the staff was very attentive, and Mr. Koda went above and beyond to give us everything we needed, when we felt we hit a dead end with a case. His service provided us the successful results we were expecting in our case. They provided us all of the documentation needed and even did a follow up to see how things were going. We will certainly be going back to them in the future. Quick, pleasant, and knowledgeable.”

– Melissa

5 Stars

“Great job on preparing and testifying at hearing about the motion for costs and attorney’s fee. Their expertise on attorney’s fee made possible the approval of the motion without any problems. Thank you very much.”

– Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Former Client

5 Stars

“I was involved in a complicated lawsuit that had dragged on for over 4 years. I was not happy, or satisfied, with the communication, the effort or the lack of accomplishments of my then, current attorney. After interviewing 3 new attorneys, I chose Kevin Brick to become the attorney I hoped would bring this case to a successful end. Kevin took the time & effort to understand the case. He then took the steps necessary to prove our claim. The case has finally been settled in our favor. Thank you, Kevin! I appreciate the way you handled this case, and I like the way you handle yourself. I highly recommend Kevin Brick to anyone who needs an attorney who specializes in Business Law.”

– Paul S., Business Owner

5 Stars

“I initially requested a free consultation & Kevin took my case. Long story short, Kevin took the steps necessary to have the outcome end up in my favor. If your seeking justice & seeking a law firm who’s on top of things, give Brick Business Law a call!”

– Daniel R., Former Client

5 Stars

“My company and I were frivolously sued. We searched the Tampa area for law firms and decided to speak with Kevin’s firm based on other customer testimonials. Kevin was able to get our case dismissed without us having to go to court. Kevin is a true legal professional with integrity. Based on how he handled our case, we decided to retain Kevin’s firm for all of our business law related manners.”

– Mike B., Business Owner

5 Stars

“Top notch Business attorney, professional, transparent, and fully capable of accommodating even the most difficult scenarios with many negative variables to eventually acquire exactly what you needed. Fully recommend Kevin!”

– Michael H., Business Owner

5 Stars

“I got myself trapped into an agreement that was not in my favor. Being professional and very aggressive Kevin was able to resolve my issue quickly. I was very satisfied with the outcome.”

– Soledad, Business owner

5 Stars

“I contacted several attorneys regarding my case, but I was immediately impressed by Kevin who quickly analyzed the issues and provided more legal information and direction than the other attorneys I had called. My case was very complex, but Kevin clearly explained our changing strategies and why we should proceed, or not proceed in a particular direction. Then, as the case progressed, he kept me informed, thoroughly discussed my options for each decision that I had to make, and quickly returned my phone calls and emails. Luckily, we did not have to go through a lengthy trial since Kevin was able to quickly negotiate a settlement in my favor, carefully listening and responding to all my concerns during the negotiation process. He surpassed my expectations and saved me the cost of a long litigation. I can’t recommend him enough for his listening skills, his professionalism, the quality of his counsel, his attention to details, and his negotiation skills. I have had several attorneys through the years and can honestly say, working with Kevin was a very good experience.”

– Bruno T., Business executive

5 Stars

“Kevin is wonderful! He helped my fiance and me draw up a contract for our new business; he was very responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would definitely recommend him to any new or established small business owners needing legal guidance.”

– Lindsey W., Business owner

5 Stars

“Kevin helped me resolve a legal issue that I was unable to clear up personally. I was being stonewalled badly, to the point I was blocked from calling to try and work out a resolution. I was at a total loss and in desperation searched out attorney’s in the Fl area. I was lucky to find Kevin, we corresponded completely via email/phone and right from the start I knew I had found the right person. I was impressed from the very beginning, with his level of knowledge, responsiveness and understanding. Kevin resolved my case, helped me to get my money back and more importantly hopefully helped to keep this company from doing this to someone else. I would and will highly recommend Brick Business Law.”

– Tina M., Business owner

5 Stars

“Mr. Brick has put together a promissory note for us. I found his services impeccable. Response time was fast and he was willing to answer and clarify questions we had.”

– Alfred M., Business Owner

5 Stars

“Throughout the entire [litigation] process I was impressed with Kevin’s knowledge, experience and ability to explain in layman’s terms what was going on legally  Even with my former business partner’s antics, he was able to do a very good job of protecting and defending my interests.  And of course, in my opinion, he is very fair and reasonable with fees.  I will definitely be utilizing his services for future business [needs].”

– Christopher, Business Owner

5 Stars

“As a small business owner, I found myself in a situation whereby I definitely needed the guidance, advice, and assistance of an attorney. I am not one who is easily impressed, and I have demanding standards for those from whom I receive services. From my initial conversation with Kevin Brick, to the last piece of business he took care of for me, I sincerely could not have been more impressed. The advice and guidance given was absolutely spot on, resulting in the situation being resolved, exactly as I hoped it to be. Kevin patiently listened to everything I had to say, he took that information and laid out a very clear picture for me as to all the pros and cons of each decision I might make, and he processed each choice with me until I arrived at a decision I believed to be appropriate for my company. Lastly, I sincerely appreciated how accessible Kevin was whether it was via a phone call or e-mail, communication always took place in a very timely manner. I have to say the only negative point about working with Kevin Brick is that I can no longer make jokes about attorneys, without feeling guilty!!”

– Dani T., Business Owner

“I worked with Mr. Brick throughout my career and tried cases [with him] through verdict on multiple occasions. His knowledge and experience throughout the litigation process always proved invaluable towards the success of our cases…”

– Joseph K., Tampa Business Attorney

“Great Service!!!! Kevin Brick gave me and my company great service, fast results and confidence knowing that I could call him at any time to get answers to my questions. I liked his determination to fix my problems and his aggressive approach to get my case resolved. I would recommend Brick Business Law to anybody over any other firm.”

– Robert, Business Owner

“Kevin is an excellent attorney. I have recommended him to many of my clients to handle their litigation matters and heard nothing but great reviews. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who needs a business litigation attorney in Tampa.”

– Joseph R., Tampa Corporate Attorney

“Kevin has represented my company and myself since early 2014. He is good at what he does and has produced results in our favor. We appreciate his expertise and feel comfortable knowing that he is in our corner.”

– Josue C., Business Owner

“I worked with Kevin Brick on a number of occasions and found him to be excellent on all accounts. He provided great client service by delivering substantial value to our clients in a timely manner.”

– Kevin B., Managing Director at Duff & Phelps

“Kevin Brick directed the defense of an audit for our company, which resulted in a savings of $3 million in potential tax liability. Our experience with Kevin was wonderful. He took the time to understand our complicated tax matter and created the appeal plan. He followed through with everything he said he would do. Kevin maintained contact with the taxing authority gently pushing them to resolve the appeal quickly. We are extremely pleased with the results.”

– Deborah G., Director of Tax for URS Corporation

“Kevin’s intellect, high aptitude, and work ethic set him apart…”

– Josh S., Tampa Independent Legal Consultant

“Mr. Brick demonstrates a knack for understanding a client’s fact pattern and quickly assessing their situation in light of administrative rules, statutes and case law. He is a gifted writer and excels in his ability to see through difficult issues and develop clear courses of action and state them in simple terms. He is respected by his colleagues and clients alike for his advice and subject matter bandwidth and is a leader among his peers. He is a pleasure to work with and possesses a penchant for client service excellence.”

– Todd H., Executive Director at Ernst & Young, LLP

“Kevin regularly provided expert advice to me and my business. I value his leadership and experience and expect to lean on his wisdom in the future.”

– Tom E., Partner at Integrity Ventures, LLC

“Kevin Brick is a true professional who holds himself to a high level of integrity in personal life and his career. His knowledge of his profession combined with his ability to communicate effectively with others puts him above the competition. His hard work and determination to go the extra mile is a great credit to himself and his business.”

– Michael F., Financial Advisor

“Kevin Brick is as solid a professional and person as I know. The first thing that comes to mind is Kevin’s trustworthiness, followed closely by his intelligence and wit. Kevin is someone I would partner with on just about any project, regardless of his experience.”

– Dave H., Consultant

“Kevin is an exceptionally talented business professional with a strong legal acumen, problem solving ability, attention to detail and well developed organizational skills. He is also an extremely approachable individual who always exhibits a high level of enthusiasm.”

– Ryan B., Audit Associate at BDO USA, LLP

“… I believe firmly that I can always count on Kevin as a resource professionally and personally, and that any commitment that Kevin makes will be kept.”

– Cliff E., CFO Sports Edge Radio

” … Kevin added significant value to the services that we provided and was universally liked, respected and appreciated…”

– Tom M., Attorney

“…Kevin was thoughtful, diligent and helped the organization grow and prosper…”

– Clara R., President and CEO of Crises Center Tampa Bay

“I have known Kevin Brick for over two decades. He is a stand-up individual and he approaches his work with enthusiasm and commitment”.

– Fellow Attorney in Community

“I have known Kevin Brick for more than 10 years. He meets the highest standards for legal ability and ethical excellence.”

– Fellow Attorney in Community

“Kevin Brick practices with the utmost professionalism. He is thorough, ethical, and hard-working. I wholeheartedly recommend him for an AV rating without any reservations.”

– Fellow Attorney in Community

“Kevin is not only an excellent and capable attorney, but he operates at the highest level of ethics and morality.”

– Fellow Attorney in Community

“Kevin is results oriented with a strong business background that allows him to better understand his clients’ needs.”

– Fellow Attorney in Community

5 Stars

“Kevin Brick did an outstanding job representing our corporation in Court Room Litigation. He earned our respect and seemed to have the respect of his peers and the judges he stood before. We would highly recommend Kevin, he listens wells, responds promptly and is readily available. Our case had an extremely positive outcome due in my belief to the hard work of Mr. Kevin Brick.”

– Former Client

4.8 out of 5.0.

“Really liked the fact that he wanted to know the history of our dealings with our client before we discussed the contract changes. He listened attentively and I really got the feeling he wanted to know exactly what we wanted from the contract instead of what is normally needed. Good Job.”

– Former Client

5.0 out of 5.0.

“I could not have been happier with Kevin Brick’s legal services as he recently helped me set up a business. Kevin is friendly, approachable and professional. He addressed all of my questions and took care of my work very quickly. I will definitely use him again for future matters and recommend him highly to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

– Former Client

5.0 out of 5.0.

“I found Mr. Kevin Brick to be not only punctual, he is very polite and kind. He was very thorough with our consultation and answered all of our questions and concerns the day we signed the contract, and even after. I had several more issues pop up that I wanted to put into our document and every email I sent, he promptly responded. He did not finalize our document until I was 100% satisfied. He did a wonderful job and was very patient, he is someone I feel in good hands with.”

5.0 out of 5.0

“Created a Medical Sales Contract.”

– Former Client

5.0 out of 5.0

“Kevin made the process easy. His listened to me, addressed my concerns, and provided a solution in a timely manner.”

– Former Client

5 Stars

“…feel so fortunate to have had the pleasure of dealing with Kevin Brick as he represented me in a NJ vs. FL Contract Litigation Case. He regularly kept in touch via email regarding every detail of my case. I always felt kept in the loop of things and everything was explained in laymen terms so that no detail was misconstrued. Mr. Brick was not only helpful and pleasant he offered me a wealth of information regarding every step of my case. I can honestly say Mr. Brick exudes professionalism and his endearing nature made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that our case would end on a positive note, which I am proud to say it has. I would highly recommend him to all.”

– Lu Ann, Former Client

5 Stars

“Kevin has been very informative and explains things in a way that I can understand. He has been punctual with updates and response as well. I feel Kevin has had my best interests in mind. Kevin is a professional yet aggressive attorney!”

– Ryan, Former Client

5 Stars

“Having worked with numerous ‘lawyers’, I finally found one that is detailed, intelligent and real in Kevin Brick. Highly recommended.”

– Alex, Former Client

5 Stars

“Excellent Lawyer, would HIGHLY recommend!! I have hired Mr. Brick to handle a business/contract case for me.”

“During this extended time period, he has always returned my calls promptly and has been immediately reachable. I do not have a legal background, so I have been thoroughly impressed with his ability to discuss the timelines of what will be happening next, what steps need to be taken and answer the numerous questions I have had along the way in a manner that is knowledgeable and thorough, yet easy to understand.

His report writing skills are amazing. During our conversations he was able to sort through and highlight the main important issues and concerns that I had within the case and legally produce intricate legal documents that were detailed and complete with supporting research on past legal case references. All of the filings throughout the process contained my concerns yet were written legally and were organized and detailed. I feel that Mr. Brick took charge of the steps in the legal process and helped me remain focused, but at the same time allowed me to feel like we were a team, considering my comments or feedback as it applied.

This was a difficult period for me, but I felt hiring him as my lawyer was the best representation I could have and everything possible was performed to achieve the best results for resolution, which put me at ease. The trust that I have for his skills and expertise were well earned particularly where I was in a situation where I no longer trusted working with people due to my previous business experience that brought me to him.

I have confidence in Mr. Brick as a Lawyer and would use him if necessary in the future and have no hesitations about recommending him. He is a valued asset to the legal field.”

– Kim, Former Client

5 Stars

“Outstanding service. I highly recommend Kevin Brick. I could not have been happier with Kevin Brick’s legal services as he recently helped me set up a business. Kevin is friendly, approachable and professional. He addressed all of my concerns and took care of my work quickly. I will definitely use him again for future matters and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.”

– Jessica, Former Client

5 Stars

“Friendly Quick Knowledgeable Response. I was very pleased with Mr. Brick’s understanding of my situation and the documents he provided to assist with my situation. I will certainly continue to work with him in the future.”

-Kurt, Former Client.

“I have worked with Mr. Brick and know him to be an effective, ethical, and intelligent attorney. I would trust Kevin with my personal legal affairs. I endorse this attorney.”

– David K. Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney.

“Mr. Brick is a skilled and intelligent lawyer. I highly recommend him.”

– David H., Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

“Mr. Brick is a detail oriented litigator who zealously represents his clients.”

– Jason M., Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

“[KEVIN]… is a very talented and hard-working attorney.”

– Cal R., Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

“I have known Kevin professionally for 8 years and fully endorse his work.”

– Kevin R., Litigation Attorney

“Kevin is a very conscientious lawyer and always has his client’s best interest in mind.”

– Brent Z., Jacksonville Construction Law Attorney


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