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The Results You Need In Business Litigation And Disputes

At Brick Business Law, P.A., in Florida, we focus our practice on litigation of business-related disputes in Florida.

Litigation is a dynamic process involving many complex decisions and considerations. A business should take great care in selecting a litigation team that understands the process and can advise and execute on a path toward the optimum resolution. We believe we are that team. We assist business throughout the state from office locations in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota and St. Petersburg.

What Does Business Litigation Entail?

The term “business litigation” relates to the litigation of controversies arising from commercial and business relationships. These relationships may be with a business’ vendors, customers, clients, suppliers, creditors, debtors, competitors, government agencies, financers, officers, directors, members, shareholders, advisers, fiduciaries, employees or third parties. Disputes arising in the context of these relationships are often based upon contracts, fraud, misrepresentations or other disagreements.

Taking A Strategic Approach

With each case, we work hard to fully understand our clients’ situation (prior to litigation, if possible), we thoroughly research all applicable options and consult with the client regarding alternative business litigation strategies. We work with them to assess the risks, costs and benefits of each of those strategies. Finally, we set out a customized strategic course of action for litigating each client’s case based upon its unique strengths and weaknesses, the needs and desires of the client and the applicable law.

In business litigation cases, there can be multiple overlapping issues that cross over into a wide range of practice areas, such as:

  • Breaches of contracts, agreements, fiduciary duties and commercial leases
  • Commercial construction and real estate disputes and lawsuits
  • Issues affecting business reputations, relationships, intellectual property and other assets

Our experienced legal team can navigate all the business challenges crossover matters present and more. We will even take your case all the way through the appeals process, if necessary.

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