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Welcome to Brick Business Law, P.A., a distinguished team of employment law attorneys serving the interests of employers throughout Florida. Our skill lies in navigating the complex terrain of wage and hour law, ensuring that our clients are not only compliant with current regulations but also safeguarded against potential claims. We understand that wage and hour disputes are more than just a legal challenge; they can affect your company’s reputation and financial health. That’s why we offer comprehensive counsel and robust defense strategies tailored to the specific needs of your business.

We provide authoritative guidance on a wide range of employment law issues, from overtime pay and minimum wage requirements to record-keeping and employee classification. We primarily represent employers who are facing disputes with employees, wish to proactively establish compliant pay policies or may face a government audit. We can also represent individual C-suite employees regarding wage and hour issues in Florida.

Advising Employers Of Their Rights Under U.S. Wage And Hour Laws

When it comes to wage and hour laws, it is crucial for employers to understand their rights and obligations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other relevant legislation. The FLSA holds employers accountable for the proper treatment of their employees when it comes to wages paid and overtime honored. It also imposes record-keeping requirements and child labor standards.

Many states, including Florida, have additional wage and employment laws. Florida is among several states that allow a lower minimum wage for tipped employees. Employee misclassification is another major area of dispute when it comes to wages. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently published new guidelines for determining who is and who is not an independent contractor.

It’s important to note that search and seizure rights typically fall under criminal law and are not commonly associated with wage and hour law. Despite this, we recognize that employers may have concerns about various legal intersections, and we are prepared to address these with the utmost competence and clarity. Our employment lawyers have the knowledge to elaborate on employers’ rights under the law.

Proactively Preventing Wage And Hour Disputes

One of our primary services is working with employers to develop policies that promote regulatory compliance and reduce their exposure to litigation. Our attorneys are committed to helping you establish and maintain wage and hour policies that promote fairness, minimize risk and uphold the highest legal standards. They assist clients with:

  • Writing employee handbooks
  • The hiring and termination processes
  • Keeping records of employee earnings, hours worked, deductions and other pertinent information
  • Developing and implementing other wage and hour policies

Our employment law attorneys’ goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to confidently handle any legal challenges that come your way. In the event that a dispute claim does occur, they help you avoid escalation through arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Our Services For C-Level Executive Employees

Our employment lawyers are also highly knowledgeable in plaintiff-side wage and hour claims. In addition to helping employers avoid liability, we offer robust counsel to C-suite employees, including CEOs, CIOs and CFOs. This can include:

We are tenacious allies for our executive clients. Our team understands the unique challenges posed to C-level employees who are in high-profile positions within the company. You can turn to us for cohesive, confidential and personalized guidance.

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