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At Brick Business Law, we focus our practice on two main areas of service: Business Counseling and Business Litigation. This means that we help businesses with their documents, advice and their disputes.

The type of matters we generally handle are described in more detail below; click on the links for more information. To set up a free consultation with an attorney, please contact us by calling us at 813-816-1816, e-mailing us at intake@brickbusinesslaw.com or submitting an online request form.

Business Contract, Payment and Collection Matters

As Corporate Counsel to businesses, we draft, review and analyze business legal contract related to vendors, shareholders, employees, customers and others as is detailed below. We also litigate business disputes related to the interpretation, enforcement and other issues which arise from business relationships which have gone wrong. Some examples of the types of contract-related matters we litigate are below.

  • Non-Compete Agreements and Restrictive Covenants. Non-compete agreements or restrictive covenant issues relate to situations where one party has agreed not to compete against or use trade secrets of the other and the restricted party does something to violate the agreement.
  • Breach of Contract. Typically, if there is an agreement of any type and one party believes the other has not performed as agreed, a breach of contract claim exists.
  • Interference with Business or Contractual Relationships. Interference issues typically arise when two parties are in a contractual or business relationship and a third party does something improper to cause that relationship to end.
  • Non-Payment and Business Account Collections. Sometimes a debtor simply fails to pay for goods or services from a business and the provider is required to take further steps to collect on the unpaid debts. Other times, a business may try to collect a debt improperly.
  • Intellectual Property Contracts and Litigation. Litigation and disputes involving intellectual property generally concern some theft, misuse or misappropriation of trade secrets, such as confidential customer information or business methods. There can be contractual or statutory causes of action.
  • Equitable Actions. Just because a contract is not written or signed does not mean that there are no remedies available. A contractual relationship can arise as the result of actions, behaviors or spoken words. In certain circumstances, equitable actions are necessary to address oral contracts, implied contracts or to compel the rescission of contracts, as examples.
  • Breach of Joint Venture Agreement. Sometimes parties start a joint venture together which does not necessarily result in the formation of a new business entity but does constitute an agreement to jointly work together towards some end.
Fraud, Misrepresentations, Defamation and Business Theft Issues

Businesses relationships sometimes result in issues related to fraud, misrepresentations, defamation or theft. These matters have become especially prevalent due to the ease of sharing, publishing and transferring information electronically. We litigate and negotiate these issues on behalf of our business clients. We also advise on and draft agreements to protect our clients from these claims and related losses.

  • Fraud and Misrepresentations. Business fraud and misrepresentations can occur in a number of circumstances. In addition to common law claims and defenses, Florida has also codified a statute known as the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act or “FDUTPA” which generally operates to protect people from unscrupulous business practices.
  • Business Defamation. Online reviews, chat rooms, e-mail, social media posting, texting and other modes of fast and easy communications have created significant issues related to defamation, specifically related to businesses.
  • Conversion and Civil Theft. Businesses are often the victim of theft of money or protectible intellectual property by employees, partners and other insiders. Florida’s civil theft statute allows for the recovery of triple damages and attorney’s fees.
Fiduciary, Shareholder, Officer or Director Matters
  • Fiduciary Claims. Officers, Directors, Board Members and professionals have fiduciary duties to act in the best interest of their company, employer or constituent. The breach of these duties can lead to shareholder derivative litigation, direct and other breach claims for damages and other relief.
  • Business Accountings. Often there are complex or fiduciary relationships stemming from officer, director, shareholder or other relationships which involve complex transactions, often an accounting is needed to establish the existence or extent of any wrongdoing.
General Business Formation, Advice, Planning, Purchases and Sales

The Firm provides ongoing general counsel services, entity formation, business advice and planning, drafting and reviewing business documents including the purchase and sale of businesses. These issues usually include vendor contracts, employment contracts, other human resources documents, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, bylaws, joint venture agreements and others.

Real Estate, Property Tax and Lease Issues

Brick Business Law provides litigation services and legal advice related to commercial real estate, property tax and lease issues. Such issues might relate to commercial evictions, lease breaches, and commercial property tax appeals after value adjustment board hearings.

Consumer and Employment Matters

The Firm also assists businesses and individuals with regard to consumer and employment-related litigation and advice. Consumer litigation may include issues arising related to the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Misleading Advertising, improper Home Solicitation, Breach of Warranty or others. Employment related litigation and advice does or could relate to employer-employee relationships, human resources, contract, lost wages, unpaid wages or other employment-related issues.

Client Reviews
"Many thanks to Kevin Brick, John Koda, and David Carpenter for their professional services. I would recommend them to anyone, anytime!" Ted H., Client
"Great job on preparing and testifying at hearing about the motion for costs and attorney's fee. Their expertise on attorney's fee made possible the approval of the motion without any problems. Thank you very much." Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Former Client
"I initially requested a free consultation & Kevin took my case. Long story short, Kevin took the steps necessary to have the outcome end up in my favor. If your seeking justice & seeking a law firm who's on top of things, give Brick Business Law a call!" Daniel R., Former Client
"Top notch Business attorney, professional, transparent, and fully capable of accommodating even the most difficult scenarios with many negative variables to eventually acquire exactly what you needed. Fully recommend Kevin!" Michael H., Business Owner
"I got myself trapped into an agreement that was not in my favor. Being professional and very aggressive Kevin was able to resolve my issue quickly. I was very satisfied with the outcome." Soledad, Business Owner
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