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The representation at Brick Business Law, P.A., involves providing clarity and direction for the individuals and businesses we represent. We focus on protecting the rights of those we represent, and we understand what steps to take to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients.

While today’s business environment offers to provide legal protection for employees and employers, regulations and legal requirements can seem like obstacles to a smooth employer-employee relationship. Our legal counsel provides tools and awareness to prevent difficulties in the workplace.

Brick Business Law is a source of knowledge and assistance for managers, business owners and workers throughout the Tampa Bay area and Florida. Our attorneys have extensive experience and understanding to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. With each case, we work hard to understand our client’s circumstances fully. We explore every possible avenue and will get to understand your situation and your wishes concerning the outcome.

Understanding The Complexities You Face

Employers and employees often require assistance cutting through difficulties associated with complex labor and employment laws. Our employment law team offers customized solutions in the following areas:

  • Employee handbooks, training and business organization
  • Accessing benefits (for employees)
  • Administering benefits (for employers)
  • Breach of contract and noncompete agreement enforcement claims
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)-related disagreements, and wage and hour disputes, including allegedly unpaid commissions and bonuses
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination claims, and retaliation claims and whistleblower protection
  • Employee disciplinary processes
  • Partner and shareholder disputes, and executive compensation arrangements and disputes
  • Noncompete agreements, including enforcement and/or employers’ claims after an employee’s departure and separation agreements and final payout disputes

What clients need and what is best for them are at the heart of the law practice at this firm. We have extensive experience working with businesses and individuals, provide counsel and advocacy for companies and corporations, and we serve the interests of employers and employees.

Urgent And Long-Range Planning Inquiries Are Welcome

Do you need counsel immediately to address a wage and hour dispute or an alleged noncompete agreement violation? Or are you in a no-rush fact-finding frame of mind? Our attorneys are always ready to flex their style to suit clients’ needs and expectations. Whenever possible, what is best for clients is what Brick Business Law provides.

Request a consultation about your legal concerns, whether you are an employee or an employer. The teams’ knowledge of both sides of issues benefits workers and employers who entrust their cases to the law firm. To schedule an appointment, call or send an email inquiry or call 888-708-4250. We have offices in Tampa, St. Petersburg and the Sarasota area.