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Guidance In Issues That Involve Civil Theft, Conversion And Recovery Of Business Assets In Florida

Theft of business assets by internal and external parties has become increasingly common due to advances in technology which permit information to be easily transmitted.

At Brick Business Law, P.A. our team has extensive experience handling matters related to theft. We can help to ensure you fully understand the scope of the issue and your rights and options.

Who Steals Information And Why

Often the business asset stolen is a customer list, database or other valuable information that the business has spent resources building or acquiring and protecting. This theft can occur by a disgruntled employee who intends to use or sell the information to harm his employer or by a competitor or another third party simply seeking to damage a business. Other times, it is a rogue partner who has stolen funds from the business’ bank account.

There are several important things to know:

  • Locating, identifying and pursuing a party who commits such theft can be a challenging and frustrating process.
  • However, successful litigants can often compel an injunction (prohibiting the ongoing use of such stolen assets) as well as recover damages for the theft and misuse of the assets.
  • In fact, under Florida law, a litigant who is the victim of civil theft can pursue a case for three times the value of the stolen property pursuant to Florida’s civil theft statute.

Florida’s civil theft statute has a higher burden of proof then a common law claim of conversion (theft), but a successful litigant can also recover their attorney’s fees under the statute.

Effective And Swift Pursuit Or Defense Is Key

The ability to quickly and successfully pursue a claim based on theft of business assets is essential to the viability of a business whose assets have been stolen or misappropriated. Additionally, when a business falsely attacks a competitor, employee or partner by claiming it has stolen assets, the successful defense of such a case is necessary to protect the defendant from such claims. We work with you at each step to effectively resolve your business litigation or dispute matter and protect your interests.

The Assistance You Need To Get Resolution

At Brick Business Law, P.A. we pursue and defend causes of action for theft, conversion, civil theft, misuse and misappropriation of business assets. Send us an email or call 888-708-4250 for a free initial consultation. With offices in St. Petersburg and Tampa, we assist clients throughout the area.