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Appealing Business Litigation Decisions

Brick Business Law, P.A., is located in Tampa and Orlando, and we help clients throughout Florida with all aspects of business-related legal matters. Our experienced legal team can handle the most complicated commercial and business litigation issues, and we have the ability to see a case all the way through the appeals process.

Filing An Appeal In A Civil Court Case

Most business law concerns fall under civil jurisdiction in the Florida state courts. When a court makes a decision in a case, a party may appeal that decision, but only when there is a legal basis for doing so. In other words, there has to be a reason beyond the fact that the party doesn’t like or agree with the ruling. In Florida, a case may be appealed if a “harmful legal error” has occurred. A legal error is generally assumed to be an error that would affect the outcome of the case. If the court made an error in the case, but that error wouldn’t affect the outcome, there is not a grounds for appealing that case.

In addition, an appeal does not simply serve as a second opinion. The court of appeals will only look at the evidence that was initially presented in the original case. New evidence cannot be introduced or considered. When the court of appeals reviews the initial ruling, there are a limited number of outcomes available. The appellate court may affirm the lower court’s initial ruling, reverse the ruling and/or remand the case to the lower court for further proceedings.

To file an appeal in Florida, an attorney has to be certified by the appellate court. In Florida, you only have 30 days after a judgment is entered to file for an appeal.

Business Litigation Attorneys Experienced With Appeals

At Brick Business Law, P.A., we handle a wide range of commercial and business litigation issues. Controversies that arise in the world of business can be complex and require a thorough and intricate understanding of some of the most complicated areas of the law. We have the knowledge and experience needed to see corporate litigation cases all the way through the appeals process if necessary.

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Appeals must be filed within a very short and specific period of time. Failure to follow the timing rules will result in a forfeiture of your ability to appeal. If you are considering an appeal of a judgment, don’t wait. Call us at 888-708-4250 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation today.