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Serving The Legal Needs Of Many Florida Businesses And Industries

At Brick Business Law, P.A., we are committed to providing the highest quality and accessible legal services to our clients. We serve the needs of small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of legal issues – from choosing the right entity structure to employee handbooks, intellectual property protection and litigation, to contracts and shareholder disputes, and more.

Industries We Regularly Assist

We serve people and industries by helping them deal with a wide range of issues. Here are some of our client types. If your business type is not on the list, get in touch with us. We offer a free issue assessment.
  • Professionals and service providers such as accountants, attorneys, doctors, dentists and financial advisers
  • Food production and manufacturing and bar and restaurant businesses
  • Traditional manufacturers and retailers
  • Internet, virtual and home-based businesses
  • Home contractors such as HVAC, pest control, plumbing companies
  • Personal services providers such as personal trainers, dieticians and other personal counselors and consultants
  • Sports industry such as gyms and fitness centers, retailers, service providers
  • Real estate-based businesses such as landlords, homebuilders, agents, brokers
  • Technology businesses such as website and app developers, and other technology-based businesses
  • Logistics and shipping industry such as trucking, shipping and delivery, logistics and distributors

We have an established practice with experienced counsel. Firm founder Kevin Brick is board-certified in business litigation and offers expert-level advice and counsel.

Professional Service Providers

Professional service providers such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists and financial advisors have unique legal needs due to the fiduciary nature of their professions. Unlike many other business owners, they are often subject to claims for malpractice and breach of fiduciary duties. Due to the heightened standards and risks, there are pressing reasons for such practitioners to ensure that their businesses are set up to ensure the maximum levels of protection from liability. This planning may include a review of applicable risks, mitigation measures, avoidance, insurance and/or planned corporate structuring for asset protection purposes. These unique needs exist above and beyond standard legal planning for such professionals and business owners.

In addition to planning and risk management, doctors, lawyers, accountants and other fiduciaries may have unique needs regarding dispute resolution and litigation. Such professional service providers may be sued under Florida law for various causes of action. Brick Business Law is experienced in representing (and pursuing) professionals concerning litigation and pre-suit claims. Such claims are often “high-stakes” litigation because professionals are subject not only to legal claims but often also licensing and regulatory boards that receive and pursue complaints from clients. An adverse outcome in either litigation or before licensing and regulatory boards could result in devastating consequences.

In addition to risk planning and litigation, professional service firms also have legal needs related to buying, selling or investing in professional businesses. Identifying, analyzing and contracting regarding such transactions requires unique legal expertise and experience to protect against risk and maximize the value of such transactions.

At Brick Business Law, we are proud to successfully represent professional service providers regarding corporate, general counsel, litigation and transactional matters.

Food Production and Manufacturing, Bars and Restaurants

Food production, manufacturing, bar and restaurant businesses benefit from specialized legal planning and representation due to the unique nature of these businesses. They generally interact with and are heavily reliant upon vendors, consumers and employees for the success of their businesses. The failure or refusal of any of these parties to perform under their contractual or other obligations can have devastating impacts on such businesses. Despite this issue, many such companies fail to address these issues with strong contractual protections, which can provide significant benefits and protections. Further, such businesses are often subject to significant regulatory scrutiny which, if not followed, could result in fines, damages or business failure. Being open to the public can further create unique legal liabilities that can be mitigated, avoided or insured against with proper counsel and advice.

Despite the best advice, these businesses are often subject to lawsuits. These lawsuits can be brought by owners, employees, landlords, vendors, customers or other third parties. Having proper legal representation before such problems start can often be the difference between a successful outcome and one that can destroy a business. Such planning may include a risk assessment, preparation of corporate documents, contracts and leases, corporate planning for asset protection purposes and other measures. Representation of these businesses in court may also require early collection of evidence, which may include photographs, investigations and employee and witness statements. These businesses also often need to pursue claims in court or elsewhere for, among other things,

Further, these businesses are often bought and sold, franchised and/or need financing from outside sources. Such opportunities require diligent and knowledgeable legal representation to ensure that they are conducted in their best interest to minimize risks, obtain a full understanding of the terms, perform due diligence and weigh options.

Brick Business Law’s attorneys and staff are knowledgeable in these areas and are proud to handle the corporate counsel, litigation and transactional needs of food service and manufacturing businesses.

Traditional Manufacturers and Retailers

Traditional manufacturers and “brick and mortar” retailers often have legal needs that differ from those in other industries. These types of businesses generally rely upon physical assets and locations, inventory, employees, machinery and logistics that create unique legal needs. For instance, their leases may require special considerations to ensure that they have the proper protections and rights to allow their businesses to operate without undue risk or liability. They also may rely heavily on the terms and conditions of their contracts with vendors, suppliers, customers and employees. Negotiating and documenting the best terms in these agreements is essential to allowing them to operate successfully. These businesses also may require significant considerations related to corporate structuring and asset protection. Further, these businesses are often subject to potentially expensive and significant litigation due to their physical presence in the marketplace, consistent interactions with the public, employees and other third parties, advertising and marketing risks, product liability and other unique matters. Finally, these businesses often become involved in acquiring or selling of businesses, franchising and long-term employee or succession planning.

Brick Business Law is proud to represent traditional manufacturers and retailers with regard to their litigation, transactions, employment and general counsel needs.

Tech companies, Internet, Virtual And Home-Based Businesses

Tech companies, Internet, virtual and home-based businesses often face legal challenges due to numerous unique factors, such as significant reliance on technology vendors, freelancers and contractors and, accordingly, sometimes lack of controls and oversight. Relying upon third parties (and usually their non-negotiable or lack of terms and conditions) can create legal liabilities for such businesses. Often these risks are unknown to the businesses until there is a problem. Furthermore, when these businesses have employees or owners who leave the company, they often compete with the businesses by taking their ideas, plans, documents, technology or clients. These types of risks can often be mitigated or even eliminated through proper legal planning, controls, documentation, insurance and operations.

The last thing these businesses can afford is a long, expensive lawsuit. However, creating, operating and growing a business without appropriate legal counsel to create contracts, corporate documents, participate in risk management and provide other valuable insights if a risk not worth taking. Sometimes, despite best efforts and advice, these businesses can get pulled into legal trouble when a vendor does not deliver, a customer does not pay, an employee files a claim, a partner steals trade secrets or other issues arise. Having competent litigation and dispute resolution counsel is indispensable for companies in these circumstances.

These businesses often form and grow with the intent to demonstrate viability, capture market share quickly and demonstrate value for a sale or acquisition. They usually have a limited “runway” of capital to reach that point. Once these businesses do reach that point, they need to retain competent counsel to assist them in an “exit” that maximizes their value while minimizing tail-risks.

Brick Business Law proudly represents internet, virtual and home-based businesses concerning litigation, general counsel and transactional needs.

Home Contractors And Construction Businesses

Home contractors and construction businesses face significant risk exposure based on the nature of their work. HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, pool contractors, builders and other construction companies must retain competent counsel to address corporate and contractual issues, transactional matters and, when needed, litigation and dispute resolution.

Corporate matters that affect contractors and construction businesses may include entity creation and structuring, corporate or board actions, shareholder or operating agreements, wind-downs and other related matters. Outside counsel needs often include employment agreements, policy and procedure manuals, HR matters, customer contracts, vendor agreements, contractor agreements and other related work. In recent years, these type of businesses have become attractive to private investors, private equity companies and have also been active in terms of acquiring competitors and suppliers. Getting expert legal advice, negotiations and drafting of related legal documents can often save a construction or home contracting business or otherwise contribute to its success. Disputes can arise from various areas in these businesses – customer issues, employee issues, inventory management, corporate disputes, collections and other legal areas – which require experience business litigation attorneys. Having qualified legal representation in these matters can mean avoiding costly mistakes, overcoming common obstacles, recovering money owed and ultimately succeeding in the ownership and operation of home contractors or construction businesses. At Brick Business Law we are experience in and qualified to represent such businesses with regard to their legal needs – whether it is general counsel, document drafting, transactions or litigation.

Sports, Fitness And Nutrition Industry

Brick Business Law, is proud to have worked with numerous businesses within the sports, fitness and nutrition industries. From big box gyms to personal trainers, influencers and vitamin companies, we have handled a wide variety of legal issues related to clients in these industries. We know they come with their unique share of legal challenges. Any time a business markets, advises on or works with someone on their health, nutrition or fitness, there is a risk associate with it. Many risks can be handled with appropriate counseling, contracts, insurance, avoidance or other minimization strategies. Players in these industries also often deal with standard business issues such as contract disputes, lease issues, vendor or supplier non-performance, marketing liability, consumer complaints, employee complaints and other such issues.

Brick Business Law, is well-suited to handle the day-to-day legal advice of these businesses as well as the taking difficult disputes through a successful outcome in court. Whether a business is selling, buying, pursuing, defending against, operating or otherwise working within the health, fitness, sports, nutrition or wellness industries, we are well-suited to address their legal needs.

Real Estate Businesses

There are many business applications related to real estate ownership, operation, acquisitions and dispositions. Our firm has represented all types of real estate-based businesses – national hotel chains, Airbnb owners, real estate agents, real estate associations, “flippers”, commercial landlords and tenants and others. These business generally have heavy contract-based needs such as leases, waivers, purchase/sale agreements and others. They also often are at the center of disputes. These disputes could relate to the physical real estate, contract breaches, ad valorem taxes, accidents, insurance coverage and many other such matters. These owners and operators also often have corporate business needs such as entity set-up and selection, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, financing agreements and many others. Real estate businesses also often deal with acquisitions and dispositions.

Single-Member Businesses (SMBs)

The rise in SMBs or single-member businesses is a trend that is here to stay. Often times single owners can run businesses by leveraging technology, systems, reputation or other assets to generate successful returns. These businesses run the gamut of industries – from contractors to online coaches to real estate operators – any many have found great success in building systems that work well.

However, SMBs are generally run by highly-entrepreneurial individuals who tend to underestimate or underappreciate risks that might come with such businesses. This is because they tend to build systems that are without formality or legal structure. They may decide not to incorporate. They may decide not to use contracts. They may forego other standard legal protections due to the perceived benefits of doing things quickly and inexpensively; however, these decisions can often result in unnecessary legal risks. Consulting with an experience attorney who understands day-to-day business matters, advises on exposure, assist with acquisitions, investments, sales, employee issues, contracts, dispute resolution and other matters can greatly reduce risk exposure and ensure the long-term viability of SMBs.

At Brick Business Law, we are proud to work with numerous entrepreneurial individuals and business from the start-up phase through growth and building, investments, acquisitions and exits.

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