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Litigating Estate And Trust Disputes

Brick Business Law, P.A., with office locations in Tampa and Orlando, helps families and individuals throughout Florida with the complexities that can arise when someone passes away. Our litigation attorneys can assist with the most complicated wills and trust challenges, and we offer counsel with respect to negotiating and litigating disputes that may arise with matters involving estates and trusts.

Whether the dispute lies with the interpretation of a testamentary document, or cases involving undue influence and malfeasance by a beneficiary or otherwise, we are here to help.

Handling Conflicts With Compassion

Our skilled attorneys understand that these claims often involve family members as adversaries against each other. So, while we are zealous advocates for our clients, we are mindful of how sensitive such cases can be and we handle them with as much care and compassion as possible. Our legal services are anchored in experience. This is especially true when disputes erupt after the loss of a family member, or complications develop with a will, trust or probate matter.

We help our clients with the estate and trust matters including:

  • Appointment of executor: When someone dies without a will, the court will have to appoint an executor. There might be reasons you want to be considered as the executor, or you may want to prevent someone from becoming the executor of a will. Either way, we can help.
  • Will contests: There are several reasons to oppose or contest a will. If there was undue influence, fraud or coercion and the decedent was tricked or forced into signing their will, you might be able to contest the will.
  • Creditor claims: After a death, an estate executor must notify all creditors, and creditors can make claims against the estate for payment. We represent executors, heirs, individuals and businesses.
  • Breach of fiduciary duties: Executors, successor trustees and other acting as an agent of an individual, heir or estate must comply with the rules of their roles. We help those harmed if someone acting as a fiduciary fails to execute their duties.

Litigation Co-Counsel For Estate Planning and Trust Attorneys

Our business litigation practice regularly includes offering co-counsel assistance to other lawyers and firms. If you are an attorney and the scope of your practice does not include litigating issues of wills, trusts and estate administration, reach out to see about partnering with us. We regularly work with transactional attorneys when their estate planning clients require litigation support.

Facing Conflict With An Estate? Call Today

Whether you are an estate’s executor, a family member trying to protect a loved one’s assets or a business trying to navigate an estate issue, we can help. Call us today at 888-708-4250 or email us to schedule your free virtual or in-person consultation in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota or St. Petersburg. We will educate you about the legal processes available to you and let you choose the best option for yourself and your situation.