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Helping Business Owners Avoid Whistleblower Disputes In Florida

Various federal and state laws have spelled out legal protection for whistleblowers – that is, for people who report alleged wrongdoing or illegal conduct by the government, private companies or individuals. Whistleblower protection laws, known as the Federal False Claims Act and the Florida Private Whistleblower Act, may provide payments to whistleblowers, job protection and protection from retaliation for disclosing illegal activities to authorities.

Unfounded allegations and disputes have the ability to destroy business reputations and cause irreparable harm to companies. As a full-service business and employment law firm, Brick Business Law, P.A., our lawyers provide legal counsel for business owners in Florida who are facing workplace whistleblower claims and disputes.

Preventing Claims And Stopping Claims When They Arise

A whistleblower claim, no matter if it is unsubstantiated, can increase your risk of exposure to litigation. Our employment law attorneys take a holistic view of disputes facing our clients, prioritizing swift and cost-effective resolutions. We understand federal whistleblower laws and how they apply to your company. In whistleblower cases, we regularly handle:

Having litigated numerous claims in court, we understand that a trial is sometimes necessary to uphold your rights. If needed, you can rely on us as trial-tested advocates who can defend you in state and federal courts throughout Florida.

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