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There are a number of situations where a business in Florida is subject to litigation, prosecution or disputes involving criminal law issues. The experienced team at Brick Business Law, P.A. offers solid counsel for business owners, executives and individuals who want to optimally protect their interests.

Types Of Criminally-Related Disputes

Examples of such disputes may include fraud, RICO violations, civil forfeiture, embezzlement, civil theft, gambling, computer-related offenses, financial transactions or racketeering.

Related litigation or claims may be brought by a state or United States attorney, the Florida Department of Legal Affairs, an individual government entity such as a city or county, the Department of Legal Affairs, the Attorney General of Florida or others. Civil litigation is also commonly filed.

When Civil And Criminal Matters Converge

A typical claim for fraud, theft, embezzlement or conversion can become particularly challenging when there is or could be accompanying criminal litigation. Navigating and making complex business litigation decisions related to both cases, which can affect each other, often proves challenging. Additionally, state and government agencies also bring litigation on behalf of consumers or other victims of alleged criminal conduct committed by businesses which can have far-reaching consequences.

Victims of such crimes may be able to improve their own ability to recover by making strategic decisions related to reporting such crimes or related violations in conjunction with bringing a civil suit for damages.  Similarly, businesses that are the subject of such litigation may be able to assert certain rights and arguments to prevent, minimize or defeat such claims. Given what is at stake in there cases, the importance of working with established and proven legal counsel cannot be overstated.

Types Of Damages Often Pursued

Civil remedies exist for criminal actions, meaning that claims such as RICO claims, theft of trade secrets, civil theft or other related claims may be brought against a business and such claims could be the grounds for significant damages awards, including punitive or exemplary damages and/or attorney’s fees awards.  Business litigation related to criminal actions can also result in significant additional potential consequences for a business including injunctions, fines and dissociation of a businesses. For these reasons, businesses, executives and individuals who are or may become involved in business-related criminal litigation should seek the services of an experienced business attorney.

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Our firm is experienced in handling business-related criminal issues. Attorney Brick is a former assistant state attorney and has litigated numerous and significant claims in that capacity. He has also successfully defended and prosecuted claims on behalf of businesses and consumers who have been involved in related claims and litigation. He and the team at Brick Business Law, P.A. have extensive and broad business litigation experience. Call 888-708-4250 or send an inquiry email to the firm. Serving clients throughout the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas.