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Preventing And Resolving Disputes Over Discrimination, Harassment And Retaliation

State and federal laws protect employees and provide guidelines for employers on workplace discrimination and harassment. Furthermore, these laws make it clear that workers should not experience retaliation when they report instances or patterns of discrimination or harassment to supervisors or government agencies.

These legal protections and their proper enforcement require employers to have sound policies, training, and workplace investigation capabilities. That’s where Brick Business Law, P.A., comes in for Florida employers.

Proven Employer Defense Against Employment Law Claims

In the contemporary workplace’s litigious climate, employers need preventative and reactive legal counsel. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To that end, we help you implement policies that mitigate your risk of exposure. However, we also understand that even the most careful of employers may face an unjust claim from an employee. If a dispute does arise, we act quickly to resolve it discreetly and cost-effectively. As needed, our employment law attorneys are also trial-tested litigators who will not hesitate to represent you before a judge or jury if called to do so.

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The experienced legal team at Brick Business Law, P.A., is a resource upon which you can rely. Our business and legal experience have prepared us to help guide you to a resolution of a dispute or lawsuit that you are facing over allegations of discrimination or harassment.

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