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Providing Needed Assistance To Other Firms

Brick Business Law, P.A., enters into co-counsel relationships with other attorneys and Florida–based law firms to provide needed assistance or advice on business litigation matters.

  • We partner with out-of-state counsel to serve as local counsel for business litigation matters.
  • We also partner with local firms when Florida business litigation matters arise for their clients or for related parties.
  • Finally, we work with business’ in-house counsel to handle specific Florida business litigation matters as needed.

These relationships permit other attorneys to leverage our firm for a specific defined role or matter while maintaining their existing client relationship.

The Process To Engage Our Services

We have a defined process for entering into such matters:

First, we will request the names of all related parties and counsel to perform a conflict check. If we have no conflicts, we will consult with the requesting attorney to determine the facts of the case, the stage of the litigation and the desired scope of the representation, including the division of all duties and the anticipated financial arrangement.

Second, after we have agreed in full with the requesting attorney on the scope of the potential representation, we will set up an initial consultation with the client, the requesting attorney and our firm to explain the anticipated role of the firms in the litigation, the costs and benefits of the proposed representation and to clearly define the scope of our representation and agreement.

Third, if all parties are agreeable, we will provide the requesting attorney and the client with a written proposed co-counsel or local counsel engagement agreement which specifies each firms’ respective role and our terms of representation.

Upon our receipt of the executed engagement agreement and any additional deliverables as required by the agreement, we will begin our representation as specified. Attorneys at Brick Business Law, P.A., offers support and guidance in a broad base of Florida business matters, disputes and litigation.

Get In Touch With Us To Begin The Process

When you are ready to move forward call 888-708-4250 or send us an email indicating your desire for co–counsel assistance. We serve clients and other firms in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Orlando areas as well as offering co–counsel services to out-of-state firms.