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Protecting Your Business With The Right Types Of Contracts And Agreements

Knowing which type of agreements, contracts and other documents are crucial for liability protection is crucial to protect your Florida business.

As established Florida business law attorneys, we can help you understand your rights, options, and how best to create a secure legal structure for yourself and your business. Contact us at Brick Business Law, P.A., to arrange a meeting.

The Basics Every Business Owner Should Consider

Not every business needs every type of contract, manual or handbook. However, there are some very key documents that offer substantial liability protection and can ensure that your business risk is managed and that it can run smoothly.

Our legal team offers counsel, advice and guidance on many types of contracts and agreements, including:
  • A contract for employment – This can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be. The contract should cover what the employment package entails: the expectations for the specific role, duties, length of contract, compensation and benefits, grounds for termination, dispute resolution procedures, and any restrictions to protect trade secrets, solicitation, and unfair competition.
  • An employee handbook or manual – This should set the foundation for an understanding of what is expected on a day-to-day basis of the employee. This should also include vacation time and how to request it, sick time or calling in sick, dress code, raises or bonuses, personal phone calls, breaks, internet use, and whatever else is pertinent to the job or role.
  • Noncompete and “Restrictive Covenant” agreements – This may include restrictions on the use and disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, and the solicitation of customers and employees. The agreement should make clear what is expected as far as an employee leaving to work for a competitor or disclosing sensitive company information. An attorney can ensure these terms are written to protect your business interest and in a manner that is enforceable. A new federal rule expected to be effective September 4, 2024, will ban most non-compete clauses for workers in the U.S., unless the rule is delayed in the courts.
  • Mediation and arbitration clauses – In some instances, having an arbitrator or mediator work through disputes can be more cost- and time-effective for your business.
  • Independent contractor/1099 agreements – Clearly set terms and expectations here work to protect your business. A contract for hire should include the scope of the work to be performed; how much, when and how a contractor is to be paid; and the length of the contract. Other issues that are relevant to your business and type of work performed are to be included.
  • Contract-to-hire – If you do intend to create or work a contractor into a full-time position, then the terms of the full-time role need to be communicated. If you are hiring someone for a specific project and when that project ends the employment ends, this should be made abundantly clear. This type of employment should not be presented as contract-to-hire.
  • Rights to creative efforts – This contract makes clear “who owns what” and who controls the copyright and royalties. These agreements lay out what is expected when it comes to creative work that is created as part of the normal day-to-day employment and operations. Our team of attorneys who focus on intellectual property issues can review this contract to ensure your interests are solidly protected.

Having contracts and agreements on file can protect your business and minimize legal exposure in the event of a dispute with an employee. We can tailor your documents to your business and ensure you have what you need.

Get Skilled Contract And Agreement Guidance

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