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Helping Employers Protect Trade Secrets And Confidential Information

Your confidential information – whether that involves formulas, recipes, designs, manufacturing methods or marketing strategies that are unique to your business – gives your business its edge over the competition. If your proprietary information were to get into the wrong hands, the value of your business would fall. This is why it is so important to protect trade secrets, as a business owner and as an employer.

At Brick Business Law, P.A., our Florida lawyers help business owners and employers avoid and resolve employment-related disputes. This includes creating the necessary employment documents and internal protections for their trade secrets and confidential information. It is important for employers to limit access to the sensitive information that is crucial to their business operations. And, when employees access this information as part of their work, we help employers keep that information from walking out the door.

How Can You Protect Trade Secrets?

Limiting access to intellectual property is the best way to keep trade secrets from getting into the wrong hands. This may mean placing physical trade secrets within physical confines or locking digital information behind technological restrictions. However, it is not always possible to keep the inner workings of your business secret from your employees, especially managers, C-suite employees and key workers.

Because it is impossible to keep anything 100% secret when you need that information to run a business, you also need to protect sensitive data with legally binding contracts, such as noncompete and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

What Can Be Done If Your Trade Secrets Are Stolen?

Employee mobility can easily lead to theft of trade secrets, leading to unfair competition, reputational damage or financial losses. If an employee does misappropriate your sensitive company information, Florida law permits businesses to take legal action. We help employers and business owners enforce their agreements and recoup losses caused by theft of intellectual property through lawsuits or other less litigious means.

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