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Skilled Guidance With Construction Litigation And Disputes

Disputes regarding construction issues are common in Florida. Such disputes often arise over unfinished construction work, dissatisfaction over the work, unpaid work, change orders and defect issues that arise after the work is completed.

At Brick Business Law, P.A., we serve clients throughout the state and provide legal counsel and litigation services for all manner of construction-related disputes. We understand the frustrations that arise when a construction project doesn’t go according to plan.

Common Construction Disputes

Our legal team is ready to help assess your situation, provide you with applicable strategies and execute the necessary steps to help you resolve issues that develop in construction projects. Whether you are a home or business owner, we can help with construction-related disputes and lawsuits including:

  • Failure to complete work: Abandoned construction projects or projects that take too long can easily lead to disagreements and lawsuits.
  • Dissatisfaction over the work: When work isn’t completed to the level that was expected, or the parties didn’t agree in advance on what was expected, disputes can easily arise.
  • Collections: It is not uncommon for work to go unpaid. Sometimes, a party will withhold payment because of their dissatisfaction with the work.
  • Change orders: As a construction project progresses, sometimes changes are desired or even necessary. How those changes will be implemented can sometimes lead to disputes.
  • Defective construction: Sometimes, defects in the construction do not become apparent until after the work is completed. Defective construction can take a long time to be discovered, with defects not fully revealing themselves for years after the project was completed.
  • Lien disputes: Construction liens can be useful tools for the contractor or subcontractor in seeking payment for unpaid work. And from the homeowner’s perspective, it’s important to understand lien law to ensure that the builder or contractor has adhered to the various legal requirements and deadlines to perfect a lien.

Constructing Good Contracts

A well-written contract that defines the terms and expectations for all parties involved can help anticipate, and therefore mitigate, potential issues. A thorough contract that defines the scope of the project, the payment terms, lien provisions and dispute resolution parameters can help to mitigate some of the disputes that inevitably emerge in construction law.

However, with multiple parties, unforeseen circumstances and many potential aggravating factors, it is impossible to anticipate and plan for it all. It is not possible to think of every single issue that may go wrong on a project, and sometimes, the unexpected happens. When it does, we can help.

When A Construction Contract Fails

The days of making deals on a handshake are over. Unfortunately, many construction contracts are inadequate or nonexistent.

If this is your situation, it doesn’t mean that you are out of options. Spoken and written communications, past practices, industry standards or relying upon the representations of the other party may all serve to create a legally enforceable contract. Even if you don’t think you had an active contract, our business litigation attorneys can still help you navigate the legal process and negotiate a resolution to your construction dispute.

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Unforeseen circumstances can derail a construction project. Shoddy or unfinished work is frustrating. Non-payment can threaten livelihoods. No matter what type of construction-related dispute you are facing, let us help you. We represent homeowners, businesses, construction companies, roofing companies, contractors, pool companies, HOAs, landlords, tenants and others associated with Florida construction-related matters from three office locations in the state.

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