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What is needed in a corporate anti-harassment policy?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2024 | Employment Law |

Workplace harassment, which includes unwelcome conduct toward employees based on protected characteristics, is unlawful in Florida. Unfortunately, this type of behavior does take place. People can face harassment because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, age and other protected characteristics.

As a business owner, one thing you can do to prevent harassment is draft a clear corporate anti-harassment policy. Not only will this protect your business legally, but it will promote an inclusive and more productive work environment.

Key elements to include

An anti-harassment policy is only effective if it is clear. You’ll want to include the following key provisions:

  • Statement of purpose: This should be a clear and unambiguous statement that your company has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment.
  • Examples of harassment: It is helpful if your policy outlines some examples of harassment so that employees know what to look out for and what behavior is considered harassment.
  • Reporting procedures: Your policy should outline the reporting procedures for a worker who believes they’re being harassed. For instance, they should know where to go if they are being harassed.
  • Details of investigations: It is important that your anti-harassment policy explains how investigations and complaints will be dealt with. For example, how will investigations take place and who will oversee them?
  • Actions to prevent future harassment: The policy should also state clearly what disciplinary measures will be taken against harassers and what support is available for harassed workers.

It’s important that every company commits to a culture of anti-harassment, and having clear policies on this is the best place to start. We help Florida businesses draft policies and agreements that adhere to state and federal regulations. Contact us for a consultation.