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How to avoid legal issues with your employees

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Employment Law |

Being an employer comes with numerous responsibilities. Not only do you have to make sure that the business remains profitable, but you have to ensure that employees are safe, respected and content. 

Labor laws in Florida outline the legal obligations of both employers and workers. To avoid disputes, it’s important to stick to these. Outlined below are a few more things that could help you to avoid employment disputes with your employees.

An employee handbook 

An employee handbook is a must have for every business. This is a document that can outline the core ethos and culture of the company. In the handbook, you can outline the company’s policies on anti-discrimination, harassment, discipline, vacation time and much more. 

With a well-written employee handbook, your workers have no excuses for not following the rules. You can even have them sign it as an acknowledgement. It’s important to remember that employee handbooks don’t only protect the employer, but also the workers. 

Proper classification 

Legal troubles for employers often arise from misclassification. Misclassification of a worker can occur when someone has been classified as an independent contractor rather than an employee, or vice versa. It’s important to get this right because each type of worker has different protections under the law. 

By far the most effective way to reduce employment disputes is by having watertight legal contracts. These contracts should have clear, precise and unambiguous terms that protect all parties. Having all of the relevant legal information behind you will help with this process. 

We help business owners protect themselves from disputes brought by employees. Contact us to discuss your business, so we can help you avoid employment law issues.