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How to hire a business attorney

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Business Consulting & Advice |

Some of the biggest decisions that a new or growing company makes involve legal questions. To help with this, many business owners seek out business attorneys to guide them through the process. Having the proper business attorney can be very advantageous for your business and can help guide your company through a minefield of legal issues such as preparing for a potential recession. There are several topics that business owners should consider when hiring a business attorney.

What are your company’s needs?

One of the main questions a business order should ask themselves when considering hiring a business attorney is what are the company’s immediate and long-term needs? The needs of a start-up are very different from that of a growing company. For example, a start-up might need an attorney who is versed in contract drafting to put into place operating agreements, employee contracts, and other agreements to lay a solid foundation for the company. In contrast, a growing company might need an attorney who can renegotiate contracts or perhaps enforce contracts against other parties. The best way to determine what your company needs from a business attorney is to create your business plan to anticipate what the company’s plans are and what areas would benefit from a business attorney.

Seek Referrals

As with any new hire, the best way to find out if they are the best fit for you is to seek out referrals from close contacts. In the legal world, this is no different. While there are numerous sites that provide reviews on attorneys, nothing beats a personal reference from a close contact. Most business owners these days are happy to provide you with attorneys they have worked with and had a good experience with. Finding these contacts is important as they provide you with firsthand reviews of their experiences with each attorney and how they were able to assist the company in their goals.


As with any partnership, communication is key when hiring a business attorney. It is important that the attorney understand your business including the intricacies to best help you with your goals. Brick Business Law will provide a free initial consultation to evaluate if they are a good fit for your company. Take this opportunity to share with them your goals for the business as well as your concerns so that you can have an open conversation to ensure you are a good fit for each other. As with anything else, it is often worth the wait to find someone you’re comfortable with and trust.