Theft of Business Assets

Theft of business assets by internal and external parties has become increasingly common due to advances in technology, permitting the ease of transmitting information. Often the business asset stolen is a customer list, database or other valuable information that the business has spent resources building or acquiring and protecting. This theft can occur by a disgruntled employee who intends to use or sell the information to harm his employer or by a competitor or another third party simply seeking to damage a business. Locating, identifying and pursuing a party who commits such theft can be a challenging and frustrating process. However, successful litigants can often compel an injunction (prohibiting the ongoing use of such stolen assets) as well as recover damages for the theft and misuse of the assets. The ability to quickly and successfully pursue a claim based on theft of business assets is essential to the viability of a business whose assets have been stolen or misappropriated. Additionally, when a business falsely attacks a competitor by claiming it has stolen assets, the successful defense of such a case is necessary to protect the ongoing concern of the business.

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