Interference with Business or Contractual Relationships

Business relationships are often built on contracts. Contracts between suppliers and vendors, employees and employers and businesses and their customers are commonplace. Certainly either party to a contract may do something to breach the contract. However, a third party (someone who is not a party to the contract) may intentionally take an action to improperly interfere with a contractual relationship between two other parties and that interference causes one party to break the contract. In certain cases these actions may support a case for intentional interference with a contractual relationship. Even if there is not a formal contract, but there is a business relationship between two parties that have legal rights, a third party’s intentional and improper interference with that relationship may support a cause of action for intentional interference with a business relationship.

If you believe that someone has improperly interfered with a business or contractual relationship causing damages to your or your business, or someone has claimed that you have done so, please call Brick Business Law for a free initial consultation.