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Executive and other upper-level managers in large corporations often receive employment contracts promising expansive remuneration reflecting the corporations’ overall successes, including:

  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Deferred compensation
  • Stocks and stock options
  • Lucrative severance packages

Perks such as vehicles, parking garage spaces, travel funds and other extras that lower-level employees do not receive. If you have been recruited or are retained in your executive role with rewards such as these, you may be surprised later to find yourself embroiled in a dispute when your company reneges on these promises.

Before accepting an executive-level employment contract in Florida, protect yourself with a review by an experienced employment law attorney at Brick Business Law, P.A.. We have a great deal of experience advising and representing executives and candidates for executive positions. Perhaps your legal problem has developed long after you were hired as an executive. Now, your employer is not following through on the compensation plan. Let us help you determine the next best steps that you can take to stand up for your rights.

Alternatively, you may own a company that is preparing to offer an executive contract to a candidate for an upper-level manager. Let us advise you in ways designed to avoid litigation if you ever need to let the manager go or if they leave the company voluntarily.

Get Advice And Guidance On Either Side Of An Executive Compensation Case

Brick Business Law offers both plaintiffs and defendants in executive compensation claims and lawsuits the opportunity to work closely with our lawyers, whose experience and reputation stand out among business and employment attorneys in this area. Our legal team provides quality service to clients such as:

  • C-suite executives
  • Executives caught up in business dissolutions
  • Top-notch sales leaders
  • Key personnel at large and medium-sized companies throughout Florida
  • Business owners
  • Sales professionals

Our clients work in or own businesses in fields such as health care, financial services, staffing and recruiting, fabrication, insurance and real estate, among others.

For The Resolution Of An Executive Compensation Dispute

In executive compensation disputes, the employment law team at Brick Business Law represent clients’ disputes over:

  • Severance disputes allegedly for cause
  • Nonpayment or underpayment of bonuses
  • Continuation or noncontinuation of health care and other benefits
  • Voluntary or involuntary early termination that may affect promises of bonuses and deferred compensation
  • Stocks and stock options affected by business dissolutions or “divorces”
  • Deferred compensation that is not impacted by the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), but is subject to Internal Revenue Code Section 409A

To schedule a consultation regarding any such legal challenge involving executive compensation in Florida, send us a message by email or call us today at 888-708-4250.