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Small-to-Medium Business Growth Package – $2999*

For the small or medium growing business ready to take the next step. Typically this includes newly established businesses ramping up for growth with new employees, markets or opportunities and/or a medium-sized business looking to improve operations and implement policies and corporate protections.

Includes the following:

  1. Attorney meetings/reviews/discussions to identify needs and review drafted documents (up to 3 hours, then at hourly rates)
  2. Managers/Board Meeting (to adopt drafted documents)
  3. Drafting of three (3) of the following (each additional document is $599):
    1. Employment Agreement
    2. Independent Contractor Agreement
    3. Employee Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement
    4. Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure or other restrictive covenants
    5. Employee Handbook
    6. Policies and Procedures Manual
    7. Customer contract
    8. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
    9. Sale of Goods Agreement
    10. Services Agreement
    11. Website Terms and Conditions
    12. Operating agreement/bylaws
    13. Corporate lease
    14. Transfer of shares
    15. Employee Social Media Policy
    16. Background Check Policy and Consent Form
    17. Distribution Agreement
    18. Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
    19. Customer Waiver/Release of Liability
    20. Employee Separation and Release Agreement

*Third-party costs (such as incorporation filing fees) are in addition to the quoted fees. Drafting documents includes an initial draft, review with client and then one set of revisions. Additional revisions or requests beyond this may be billed at hourly rates. These packages do not include tax or estate planning; however, Brick Business Law will consult with the clients’ tax advisors, financial advisors, accountants, or others (at client’s request) to incorporate or implement any such advice. Hourly fees beyond those included will be billed at standard rates. The above-stated packages and prices may not be available, offered or applicable to every client situation. Brick Business Law reserves the right to decline representation under these terms. Additional terms and conditions apply.