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Small Business Succession/Exit Strategy Planning Package – $3999*

For the small business owner(s) preparing to sell, take on new partners or transfer ownership to family members. Typically for a mature business of any size.

  1. Attorney strategy meeting/discussions (up to 5 hours, then at hourly rates)
  2. Review existing business and corporate documents as needed for planned sale/succession, including bylaws, operating agreement or shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, review of estate planning documents, leases and other relevant documents as necessary.
  3. Creation and adoption of plan of corporate succession, including board/members meeting.

Please Note: Amending or updating corporate documents and/or completing the actual sale of the business or transfer of shares may be quoted at an additional hourly or flat fee rate, as determined on case-by-case basis.

*Third-party costs (such as incorporation filing fees) are in addition to the quoted fees. Drafting documents includes an initial draft, review with client and then one set of revisions. Additional revisions or requests beyond this may be billed at hourly rates. These packages do not include tax or estate planning; however, Brick Business Law will consult with the clients’ tax advisors, financial advisors, accountants, or others (at client’s request) to incorporate or implement any such advice. Hourly fees beyond those included will be billed at standard rates. The above-stated packages and prices may not be available, offered or applicable to every client situation. Brick Business Law reserves the right to decline representation under these terms. Additional terms and conditions apply.