Corporate Counsel and Advisory

Litigation costs and expenses have the potential to devastate a business. Often the best approach to minimizing costly legal issues is to engage a business attorney to guide and advise the business before any legal issues arise. While it is impossible to anticipate and avoid all legal risk, many protections can be established through a proactive comprehensive legal risk analysis and implementation of certain best practices. At Brick Business Law we provide corporate counsel and advisory services to help Florida businesses identify and address potential legal issues by reviewing and providing advice with regard to contracts, processes and practices.

We perform services such as providing contract reviews and related advice, corporate structuring, entity selection, drafting agreements such as shareholder member or employee agreements, reviewing and assisting with the negotiation and drafting of contracts with third parties and providing research and advice on other corporate and business issues. We then make suggestions on implementing best practices to avoid or minimize litigation risk or increase the business’ chance of success should litigation arise.

If you would like a general business legal risk analysis or have questions about specific issues regarding our corporate counsel and advisory services, please contact us using the submission form on this site or calling us to set up a consultation. 

We price our business consulting services hourly, at a flat rate for a defined project, or monthly for ongoing corporate counsel services.