Business Transactions Counsel

Brick Business Law provides advice and counsel on structuring and negotiating transactions.

Generally, such transactions involve the purchase or sale or break-up of a business or substantially all of the assets of a business. Such large and important transitions must be structured on terms that are clear, favorable and provide legal protections to the represented party. The failure to engage competent transaction counsel often results in legal disputes after the transaction that could have been avoided by the use of an attorney to advise on, structure and document the transaction with clarity.

We provide services to buyers or sellers whereby we represent and advocate for one party with regard to providing advice, participating in pre-transaction negotiations and documenting the transaction with an effective contractual arrangement.

As a firm that handles business litigation, we consistently see buyers or sellers of businesses that failed to properly document a transaction, or failed to include protections against certain issues, which leaves them in a position to have to litigate problems after the transaction has occurred.  This issue occurs in numerous situations.  The most common "problem situations" we see are where the parties to a transaction download and use improper forms from online legal document companies, where a "standard" broker or other contract is used that does not take into account the unique situations of the parties, where only one side has a lawyer, where the parties draw up their own documents or where no documents are used.  To minimize these risks and properly address and document your business transaction, call us for a free consultation today.