Breach of Fiduciary Duties

A fiduciary is someone who has a duty to care for another. The existence of a businesses’ fiduciary relationships could arise in multiple circumstances. Florida common law and statutes establish under what conditions a person becomes a fiduciary to another. Business litigation over breaches of fiduciary duty generally involve situations where an officer (such as a president, vice president or CEO), director, manager or employee has an obligation to protect a business or its shareholders and fails to do so. Generally, this type of litigation involves misappropriation of business assets, corporate waste, and theft of trade secrets. It could involve a failure to perform when performance was required or it could involve someone who actively takes actions to help themselves at the expense of the business.

At Brick Business Law, we litigate and advise on cases involving breaches of fiduciary duties. We pursue and defend claims for breach of fiduciary duties. If someone has accused you of breaching your duties to a business or if you believe that someone has breached a duty to you or your business, please contact Brick Business Law for a free initial consultation.