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Legal Solutions For When Commissions And Bonuses Are Not Paid As Promised

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Just as wait staff in restaurants often depend on tips to make living wages, so, too, do many high-end professionals rely on commissions and bonuses as rewards for their services. Industries in which commissions and bonuses are common include corporate sales, financial brokerages, Fortune 500 companies, financial services, and real estate sales.

If you were promised bonuses or commissions but then these payments were denied to you, you may be able to recover your unpaid executive compensation or sales pay plus attorney fees by filing a well-documented and well-argued lawsuit. At Brick Business Law, P.A., you will find the legal counsel and representation you are looking for as you pursue justice and fair compensation in Florida.

Factors to Consider

As you and your attorney prepare to bring a claim in a court of law, a review of your employment contract and industry standards may uncover the facts that you need, such as:

  • The typical way of calculating commissions and bonuses in your particular field of work — as a percentage of individual sales, departmental performance, or companywide profits, for example
  • The relevant ERISA and/or SEC regulations that pertain to your occupation
  • Records or your recollections of written or verbal promises that you received
  • A review of documentation of your professional activities by which you should have received commissions or bonuses
  • Verification of your employment status at the time you made the sales and/or by the time bonuses and commissions were calculated

Because of a lag time between when a sale is made and bonuses or commissions are paid out, it is common for disputes to arise when an executive or salesperson has changed jobs before bonuses and commissions are calculated. Bitter disputes in such cases are common.

If attorney Kevin D. Zwetsch represents you in an unpaid bonus or commission case, he will thoroughly review your contract, sales records and industry standards. Do not underestimate Mr. Zwetsch’s ability to skillfully pursue financial justice in your case. In the process of investigating such claims, he often discovers other claims that employees may have against their former or current employer.

Explore the Facts of Your Case and Your Legal Options

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