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What does my business need to set up our HR department?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Business Consulting & Advice |

A functional business has many moving parts. High-level management, supervisors and other staff all have unique roles to play. Monitoring multiple staff members, particularly if your business is sizable, can be tricky. A human resources (HR) department is something that can help keep everything above board.

What tasks should you consider when setting up your HR department, and why is it so important to prioritize this area of your company?

Creating an HR plan

Before taking steps to recruit HR team members, it’s important that you identify the gaps that you need them to fill. Setting out your objectives in a detailed plan will give you an idea of how many staff members you need to bring in and for what reasons.

Form a recruitment strategy

Once you have identified the desired structure of your HR department, you can then move on to starting the recruitment process. For example, what’s the best way to advertise the vacant positions? Are you going to recruit local talent or cast a wider net? Which attributes will make potential candidates stand out the most?

Supporting the department

While having an HR department is beneficial, the department will need a host of resources and support to function as intended. Have you set aside a budget for the department? Does the department need a technological investment to keep up with the pace of the modern corporate world?

Ensuring regulatory compliance

One of the key objectives of any HR department is to ensure that the business adheres to the letter of the law. The department will be heavily involved in the hiring and firing process. For instance, they can help identify whether or not your prospective employees still have non-compete agreements in place with their former employers. If they do, this could result in preventing unwanted legal challenges further down the line.

Setting up an HR department can be challenging, but doing it right can save you a lot of potential liability. When you begin, seek legal guidance. Contact us to learn about your options.