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Overview of the business litigation process in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Business Lawsuits & Disputes |

Florida’s entrepreneurs are some of the most resourceful business people in the country. Navigating ever-changing government and state regulations while keeping a leg up on the competition requires dedication, passion and credibility. These attributes are particularly important if your business becomes involved in litigation.

For most businesses, litigation is a part of doing business. Whether resolving partnership disputes, copyright infringements or land-use issues, Florida entrepreneurs stand to benefit from preparing for commercial legal action. Understanding how the process works can help you prepare and make your way through litigious matters.

Common business litigation timelines

Business disputes can take many forms, the specifics determining timing and costs. Generally, these disputes often follow a standard chain of events that ends with some form of resolution, for good or ill. Most business lawsuits proceed as such:

  1. The plaintiff demands the defendant take action to resolve the conflict.
  2. If the defendant does not act, the plaintiff files the complaint in court, stating facts, alleging injury and requesting relief.
  3. The defendant receives a summons.
  4. Discovery begins with each party reviewing evidence and conducting depositions. This process often lasts months or even years.
  5. If the matter is not settled out of court, trial commences. Again, this process may last years.

Not surprisingly, most business disputes eventually find a resolution through settlement. Although this process may include extended negotiations, the time investment and financial cost is considerably less.

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