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Law Firm Growth Podcast Features Kevin Brick

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Firm News |

Why Operating Like a Business Grew This Firm by 369% in 3 Years

Today, the Law Firm Growth Podcast, Hosted by Jan Roos published a new episode featuring Kevin Brick.  The podcast focuses solely on the legal field, the challenges that firms face, and how successful attorneys address these issues.  Kevin Brick, Managing Partner of Brick Business Law, P.A. was recently interviewed by Roos covering a variety of topics.

Kevin is known as a leader in his field not only for his legal acumen but also for his business development skills.  Since the inception of Brick Business Law in 2015, Kevin has been able to guide the firm in tremendous year-over-year growth while staying true to his values of providing small businesses with “excellent and compassionate” care.

Below is a link to the podcast and further details of Jan and Kevin’s conversation.