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Brick Business Law wins Summary Final Judgment in Business Litigation Case

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | Firm News |

On January 15, 2018, Brick Business Law won a summary judgment motion for approximately $75,000 on behalf of the Plaintiff in the case of Lozon v. FFR Global Inc., et al.  The damages awarded included approximately $10,000 in attorney’s fees and costs.



The case involved a business financing arrangement between a Colorado distributor and a Florida supplier.  The complex structure applied credits, set-offs, interest and payments on inventory shipments to an underlying promissory note entered between the parties.  The founder of the Defendant corporation dissolved the company without repaying the amounts owed pursuant to the financing arrangement.  Brick Business Law sued the dissolved corporation as well as the founder, seeking to pierce the corporate veil, and a guarantor.  The corporation and the founder eventually filed bankruptcy, leaving the guarantor as the sole source of recovery for Brick Business Law’s client.

The guarantor disputed numerous factual contentions of the Plaintiff, including, most specifically, the calculations used to arrive at the claimed damages figures.  Over strenuous argument from the Defendant at the hearing on the Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Final Judgment, Brick Business Law was able to persuade the Court that there was no genuine issue of material fact and that its client was entitled to the full amount of claimed damages, pre- and post-interest judgment at the highest rate allowable by law, attorney’s fees and costs.   The Court agreed and entered the judgment.

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